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Kentucky Afield Outdoors: Few lures beat a tailspinner in the cold water Saturday, 06 December 2014 14:25 This is the sixth and final installment of a series of articles titled “Fall Fishing Festival” profiling the productive fishing on Kentucky’s lakes, rivers, and streams in fall. FRANKFORT, Ky. – Some lures on the market have stood the test of time, catching fish decade after decade. The Dardevle spoon, the Panther Martin and Rooster Tail in-line spinners, the Jitterbug and the Hula Popper still catch fish today like they did when swing music topped the charts. // The tailspinner is another old-time lure that still catches fish consistently, and one of the best winter lures for black bass.....

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A book with the record of Pedigo's win in a contest.

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The very first BASS tournament was held in 1967 at Beaver Lake, AK.

1) Who won?

2) What was the winning weight?

3) What was the winner's purse?

4) What tackle company was the principal sponsor of the event?


Tailspinner Article

Kentucky Afield Outdoors: It’s tailspinner time -

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Kentucky Afield Outdoors: It’s tailspinner time

by Lee McClellan  |  Posted  Dec 28, 2007 


A Bowling Green businessman

invented a lure in the 1960s that looked

more like a piece of gaudy jewelry

than something that would catch fish.


Cecil Pedigo started by pouring a lead

body with a concave face and pointed

rear end on a piece of wire. He formed

a loop around the front end, threaded

a clevis pin with a small Indiana blade

attached to it to the wire behind the

lead body, then added a treble hook

dressed with white marabou to the back

end of the wire. He finished it off by

painting the lead body. In the process,

Pedigo concocted the Spinrite, one of

the most effective winter bass lures ever made....

Fins ‘N Tales

Heavy Metal for Winter Bass

Story by Don Wirth


Cold water and super-deep bass – ideal conditions for heavy metal! Michigan smallmouth guide Chris Noffsinger bagged this 6-pound bronzeback from 60 feet of water on a blade bait.

The lake’s surface temperature is just a few degrees shy of ice. Your graph shows bass suspending in the water column around a big school of shad, 55 feet deep over 120 feet of water.

It’s time to break out the heavy metal!

No, I’m not referring to that dusty Black Sabbath cassette in your truck’s glove box. I’m talkin’ tailspinners, spoons and blade baits…the metal lures experts choose when lunker largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass are lurking in super-deep, super-cold water!.....

RichZ.com Article

I only fished with Billy Westmoreland once, at the St. Lawrence River back in 1979. Yet I still consider him one of my most important and influential mentors. At the time, I was a budding outdoor writer, and he was a bass fishing legend, widely acclaimed as the best smallmouth fisherman in the country. Since that time, we spoke on the phone every now and then, when I would need to pick his brain for a smallmouth bass article. Each time, we would promise each other that we'd get together soon to spend another day on the water, catching smallies.

Now, it's too late. Billy is gone. The last time we spoke, I made a note to call him in September, to see if he was planning to make it up to Chautaqua Lake in the fall, and to set up a day of fishing with him, if he was. But the reminder was to call him in September of 2001, and with all that went on last year, the opportunity slipped through the cracks. Now of course, I wish I had found a way to make it happen then.....

Google News Article

An old article on the Pedigo spinrite...

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